Friday, September 24, 2010

So much

Wow, I haven't posted in forever... I've been thinking about posting but just never getting to it.

We've been so crazy busy lately. Last weekend we went to a gathering of Coleman enthusiasts. Just over a year ago I got my first Coleman lantern and last weekend I went to see 180 (4 of which were mine) lit up at the same time... I spent a record $120 on 2 lanterns (one is my birthday lantern, meaning it was made on my birthday) a lamp (too cool) and an awesome radiant heater.

The weekend before last we had the ChowdaQ 2010 gathering of Mercedes enthusiasts in RI. That night we stayed with our friends Dwight and Karen and had a lovely time out on their patio where I managed to get Dwight's old Coleman lantern working.

I can't remember what we did the weekend before that but I'm sure there was something... This weekend we're celebrating Angie's dad's birthday and I'm flying out to Burbank where I'll teach next week.

Throughout all of this I've been working on our bathroom. The tile is nearly finished in part thanks to a tile saw I rented from Home Depot. All the difficulties I was having accurately cutting tile disappeared with the tile saw. Next time I do tiles I'll buy a tile saw, its worth its weight in gold. The next time I do tile work I'll buy a tile saw, the HD one was $50 a day, Harbor Freight has a cheapie for $50... Anyway the bathroom is nearly done, just need to do the small section around the window, maybe 20 more tiles most of which I've already cut. I'd hoped to do it this week but I was tired after last weekend and my class this week has been REALLY slow so I'll finish the tiles tomorrow and grout when I get back from California. Hopefully I can also finish the siding outside tomorrow, 3 months is too long for a project like this. That said having done this once I could do it again in a long weekend. Good thing, now I want to tile the backsplash around out kitchen. One more place I can eliminate fake wood paneling.

Ahh, what else, oh! Buster got bit while we were at the Coleman gathering. Duke, our host's Boston terrier bit Buster on the ear. It was late, we didn't arrive until after 10pm and Duke was tired from all the excitement. When he went after Buster Angie and I made the fatal error of trying to pull Buster away which resulted in the bite probably being worse than it would have been. Boy did it bleed! In the end we took him to a 24 hour vet where they glued the wound closed and bandaged him up.

Which worked well, the problem we'd had was that we couldn't control the ear and he'd shake and break the wound open spraying blood everywhere... We kept the bandage on for 24 hours at which point he was pretty depressed, fortunately he came out of it pretty quickly... Then the other day he shook his head and again broke the wound open. Angie took him to the vet who glued it back together, then she found some bandages that would stick to Buster's fur and will hopefully protect the wound long enough for it to heal, we will see...