Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vacation - Costa Maya

Costa Maya is a resort type area on the southern Mexican coast. I say resort type area because it was mostly wiped out by a hurricane in 2008. Its a strange looking kind of place now, the roads are still there but clearly most of the buildings are gone. They've started to rebuild but clearly it will be a long time.

We were thinking Costa Maya would be a good beach day but the shore excursion from the ship was $50 each for the day which we thought was pretty pricey. So we walked around the inevitable shopping area for awhile to get the feel of the place. Angie scored some silver jewelry for a good price and we found people offering a beach excursion for $25 apiece. We ended up on Tequila Beach. The $25 gets you a beach chair, access to the ocean, paddle boats, kayaks and all you can drink. Food is extra of course.
The bar was good, the music was good, the weather was fantastic. I talked to some New Yorkers that were on a Carnival ship that said they made sure to always go to this beach when they were in Costa Maya and I'm inclined to agree with them.

Of course we drank too much and didn't use enough sun screen, had to make sure everybody knew we were Americans after all ;).

Outside of the big shopping area by the cruise ship docks theres even more shopping and these crazy statues.

I don't remember if they were all feet but thats what it looks like from the pictures I took:
If you know more about them I'd like to hear it.

The look

Decided I didn't like the new type look. It felt like I couldn't control it well. Hope nobody minds too much.