Friday, November 22, 2013

Concern abated?

Its been just over a month and this blog has gotten just over 1000 views. Thats a large multiple of what I was getting in the past (around 1000 a year) so apparently my plea has helped at least a little.

Anyway last week was deer camp. We didn't shoot any deer although with some good snow Monday/Tuesday I was able to spend some time tracking a couple around the farm. At one point I wasn't far behind one but never could catch up. I spent the week hunting with my friend Mike, we saw:
1 rabbit. Well 1 rabbit in the wild, there was another hanging around camp but I don't shoot our "tame" rabbits.

4 partridge. We never really had the chance to shoot. Mike probably could have gotten a shot at one of them but it would have been questionable so he was probably right not to.

A couple squirrels. Mike managed to shoot one. Red squirrels are a bit of a menace so this is more pest removal than anything else.

And the deer I hit with the truck. Yeah, hit it with the passenger side front bumper. It broke the lower plastic surround on the headlight and knocked out the fog light which I never did find. I couldn't find the deer either so apparently it didn't die.

Overall it was a fun week at camp, it was fairly cold, in the high 20s during the day most of the week and in the teens at night. Our new insulation worked out perfectly, we still had snow on the roof after 3 or 4 days even with Eric getting it up to 85 degrees inside. We do need to put in a better supply of wood, although our consumption has been cut about in half we still burned maybe 1/8 cord during the week and while we had plenty of wood if we'd tried to stay a few more days we'd have had to use some stuff that was pretty wet. My Mark 2 wood rack (which I forgot to get a finished picture of) worked out great, its exactly the right size. In the spring I'll build another one, we really do need two piles, one for dry wood and one for drying.