Saturday, March 3, 2012

More challenges

I was all excited to post about week 9 of the 52 week Coleman challenge, then I realized I hadn't posted week 8, whoops.

Anyway, seems like a lot of people didn't like my green beans challenge so we got pork for week 8's challenge. Thats fine, a good excuse to pull out the Coleman oven again:

Then this week our challenge was fish. I was actually a little surprised how slow the entries were to come in. We got good variety on this one though. I tried to emulate one of my favorite fish dishes:

I think I posted about the Prepo on here when I brought it home. It didn't work then, its got a little bronze filter sock thing inside which was clogged, a quick soak in carb cleaner got it flowing again. It works okay now and actually runs better the more its used. The problem of course is that the fuel is no longer manufactured. I've got a half dozen cans and I've done some experiments with refilling them. It can be done but its not cheap. Fortunately I think this stove can be modified to use larger cans that other butane stoves use.