Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Power went out

Happy 2017!

Power went out just before lunch yesterday, no problem, the wood stove was already hot for warming up lunch:

After lunch I read for an hour thinking the power would come back on, when it didn't I went out to the garage and got my backup battery, hooked it to my Coleman brand inverter, plugged in the cable modem and wifi router and got back to work:

This was a proof of concept run, I haven't tried this since we got our cable modem. In practice the inverter is kind of loud, I'd put it on our enclosed porch and run a cable. I should also make better battery connections but it worked well for an hour until the power came back on.I posted the pics on Facebook and friends said "Oh its good you're prepared" well heck I didn't even light a lantern or pull out a stove...