Friday, February 5, 2010

A visit to the cardiologist

Met with my cardiologist today. The nice thing is that from now on nobody is going to want to see or poke that tender spot in my groin for awhile. Such a relief... Its a weird feeling to have people come in at all hours, pull the covers down and start poking around.
They call it "the groin" but the entrance site is really right where your leg meets your body, just inboard of the crease. Its a lousy place to have a wound because it has to move so much when you move around. If I walk around a lot it sort of pinches after awhile. Monday at work is going to be fun...

Anyway today's visit was pretty perfunctory, we went over my mix of meds (an blood thinner, aspirin, my blood pressure pill, and a statin to lower cholesterol) and he emphasized once again that I can't stop taking the blood thinner for anybody but a cardiologist or God... Thats heavy right?
The deal is that if I stop I'll probably develop a blood clot around the stent and have a heart attack. Not something I'm into so I'm religiously taking the pills.

After our little talk he cleared me for any activities I want and suggested I go to cardiac rehab at the hospital. They'll put me on some kind of exercise regimen and help with figuring out my new diet. Angie and I have already made some diet changes and I'm going to try to start hitting the treadmill at work. I'm going to give myself a week, if I can get myself on some kind of regimen on my own I'll skip rehab, if I can't I'll go.

I felt so good that when I came home I scraped the snow off the walk, its just light fluffy stuff that we've walked on, not serious labor but now I'm BUSHED...

This is really one of the last days I can allow myself a nap so I'm going to.

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