Saturday, March 13, 2010

I've been getting survey calls lately. Generally they're right wing political surveys among the questions:

Do you consider yourself a Republican? No
Do you consider yourself a Democrat? Not particularly, no.

I'm sure they have no idea what to make of me back at survey headquarters. The thing is that I don't see the world in such a black and white Republican/Democrat kind of way.

For one thing I'm generally fiscally conservative and pro small government. On the other hand I recognize the need for social programs...
I'm pro choice but I'm also pro gun.
I'm for fast cars but I think we should raise fuel economy standards.
I'm against drilling in ANWAR but I think nukes are probably a good idea.

I'm all for wind power even if it means wind turbines obscure some rich bastard's view a little bit. but I realize it isn't going to solve our energy needs.

I find it interesting that both sides will assume you're with them and they are RIGHT. That your reading their propaganda (and make no mistake it is propaganda) means that you automatically agree. Which I think means something about the real usefulness of propaganda but I'll let you think about that one on your own.

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