Saturday, April 17, 2010

Somtimes things just come together

So what with taking the motorcycle apart for the starter problem I figured I'd tackle the trip meter that refuses to reset. It turns out thats a teeny tiny piece of plastic thats broken and while removable replacement parts are not available. Also broken is the needle on the tachometer.
Yes thats right the needle. Angie and I went for a ride one time, we stopped for a break and when I next looked half of the tach needle was missing. Its in the casing if I removing the tach I can see the needle bit floating around inside.

I've been searching for a replacement tach for a long time. A tach for a CB900K is easy to get but apparently the CB900f is rare enough that they don't come up frequently. So it was a big surprise the other night to find one on eBay... The guy wanted $99 plus $15 shipping. $100 is a big psychological barrier for me... So I offered $75 which I was surprised to see accepted within 15 minutes, sweet!

Anyway 2010 looks like its going to be a good year for my Honda.

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