Thursday, May 26, 2011

Have you seen?

If you're into cars at all you should be reading 365 days of A which follows Jonathan Klinger in his year of driving a 1930 Model A Tudor sedan as his primary transportation.
I'm totally jealous of his ability to go through with this. Based on his experience if I had a bigger garage I'd totally be buying a Model A. Unfortunately my commute is too long and too highway based to make a Model A practical but I'd like to have one anyway.

One thing that really surprised me was how inexpensive a Model A is, Jonathan got his for ~$14,000 which is a steal considering we're talking about an 80 year old car. I've checked on eBay and $14k buys a car all day long. I went further and it seems like you can buy a decent Model T for half that. The Model T is a stone age ride compared to the A though, much slower and with even fewer creature comforts, still a cool ride though.

This week my 190D has been in the shop getting the driver's window regulator (the bit that makes the window go up and down) repaired. It was missing the last couple teeth and wouldn't go all the way up. I've been driving the '78 240D in the interim which is why we have 3 vehicles. People look at me like I'm crazy when they hear I'm driving a '78 nearly 120 miles a day but the old gal really takes well to it. For the last few months its been driven mostly in town, a life which tends to build up carbon in the engine and leeches away power. Last night on the way home a piece of carbon let go in the engine and suddenly I had more power than before, I find that kind of "driving fix" to be extremely satisfying.

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