Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Coleman #16 Radiant heater

I don't remember if I've mentioned my Coleman radiant heater before. I've wanted one since I first found out they exist. I got mine from Warren at the True North Gathering last fall, then he sold me the radiants early this year.
Its pretty badass, built mostly like a stove but with a manifold not unlike the exhaust manifold on a car which distributes the gas to just below the radiants.
Anyway enough yammerin' wheres the video?

BTW: I was denied a YouTube partnership, apparently I don't get enough traffic. Plan on seeing some new videos from me that aren't mostly about Coleman lanterns ;)

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Boston Terrier Man said...

Curt i love this heater, i saw Rolands Canadian one at his place and the heat was just awesome i remeber seeing your lighting first on you tube so i'm trying to find one of these now.

Boston Terrier Man