Friday, January 13, 2012

Vacation - Wrap up

So the cruise was a success, after Cozumel we had another day at sea and into Tampa. The trip home was uneventful. I'd been a little nervous about making our flight but it was no problem at all. Being a paranoid traveler means you don't miss your plane.

Would I cruise again? You bet.
Would I cruise on Norwegian again? Maybe, but I want to try out another cruise line first. We definitely felt like this was the geriatric cruise line and we'd hoped to find a younger, more excited crowd. The dance club pretty much emptied out around midnight although it was open longer. We didn't close the place down each night but it was pretty dead by the time we left. The food situation was also, well, weird. A lot of people complained about the food but it seemed like their main complaint was that nobody was shoving food into their face twenty-four hours a day. I considered that a good thing. We didn't have any complaint about the food although we did steer away from the buffet pretty quick and the specialty restaurants were kind of expensive, or rather they were exactly what I'd expect to pay if I went out...

A couple lessons learned:
DON'T book shore excursions through the cruise line

DO wear sunscreen

A camelbak hydration pack can be used to smuggle booze on board

Tequila beach in Costa Maya is worth doing, bring your own towel and eat next door at Senior Frog's

Swim with the dolpins at Dolphinaris but don't pay full price for the pictures. In fact if you bring a non-swimmer they can take pictures for you.

Senior Frog's near the cruise dock in Cozumel is rowdy (at least it seemed from outside).

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