Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cleaned my bench!

I'm not a neat person. There, I've admitted it.
Over the course of just a few months my work bench in the garage had gotten terribly messy. Lantern parts, snowmobile parts, car parts, etc... It was getting hard to work and frankly dangerous in that I was always at risk of breaking something while working on something else. The time had come for a spring cleaning.

I read once somebody that posted "My garage is so messy its hard to get anything done but if I cleaned up I'd be getting nothing done". Frankly thats one of the dumbest things I've ever read...

Anyway it took me a couple hours and here's the result:

Looks good right? What you can't see is the dire strait of the rest of the garage. Something must be done and its got to get done soon, the lawnmower has to be dug out, the snowblower needs to go for a winter time sleep, the stupid Polaris has to get outside, the Kawasaki motorcycle needs to be sold, the Honda needs to be fixed.... *sigh*

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