Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oh for Pete's sake!

Who is Pete anyway?

So that *&^%$! 240D...

Trent turns out to have gotten himself in over his head and has everybody mad at him including me. The 2 hoses I really needed for this car turned up but they're wrong, both for a gasser, not even close to what I needed.
I finally got some standard heater hose and crammed it into place. Really crammed it since its supposed to be bigger at one end than the other. The other little hose I took to the parts store and they let me look around until I found one that was close. What I bought is too big but it should do short term.

So I get it all assembled and guess what? The friggin thing bubbles coolant out of the radiator again...

ARRRGH! The boys on the Mercedes list (okiebenz.com) came up with a bunch of cockamamie theories but have finally settled into thinking its probably a cracked head or block.

Angie is going away this weekend so I think I'll make one last ditch effort and re-torque the head bolts. Its possible they've stretched a little since I've had the engine running. Unfortunately thats a bit of a PITA because the cam has to come out of the way. I intend to zip tie the cam to the chain so the timing can't shift, we shall see what we see...

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