Friday, October 31, 2014

I have a follower, and 10,000+ views!

Holy crap after 6 years somebody finally signed up as a follower! You might remember just over a year ago I was crying that nobody was reading this blog: at that point I was getting around 1,000 views a year. In the past year I've had around 4,000, thats a pretty significant increase especially when you consider I've made around half as many posts in 2014 when compared with 2014. I was putting out updates pretty regularly in September but have fallen apart in October. In fact I'm really glad I got to write this today so I can at least have written something in October. Lets look at my YouTube numbers too (Youtube channel Curtludwig) which I had mentioned in my post had 199 subscribers, today I have 415 Youtube subscribers which frankly amazes me since I've put out exactly zero videos in 2014. I've had great plans to put out videos in 2014 and in fact have shot around 4 hours of video most of which has not met my standards for production and will never get seen. Such is the sad state of being a video professional and trying to put out stuff in my spare time. Anyway I'm actually very pleased, the money I make from ad revenue on the blog is basically nothing, I write this stuff for the satisfaction of knowing that somebody is reading it. Okay enough of this, I do have a real post for you which I'll start working on as soon as I'm done with this one.

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