Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gratuitous 30,000 foot post

Have I ever made a post on airline wifi before? I feel like I have but don't remember and don't want to go back through 240 posts to find out.
Thats right this is JetBlue WiFly coming to you from the skies over Colorado. I don't know exactly where we are but I'm guessing Denver by all the lights below us. This flight was both a score and a disappointment. I booked it late so I was supposed to have a center seat but as I sat down a nice lady offered to trade me her window seat. Thats the score, 6 hours in a window seat is way better than 6 hours in the center. The disappointment is that the flight left an hour and a half late. Thats mostly due to rain but I suspect part of it is JetBlue being stingy about the amount of fuel they had in the plane. Apparently they had to do some circling and got low on fuel so they had to divert to Providence to refuel before coming to Boston to get us. Oh well, I'm on the flight now anyway.

I wanted to show you two other disappointments:

This one is the worst, these are disgusting, never buy them. I couldn't get past the chemical bacon smell. I conned Angie's uncle into eating one and his face told me all I needed to know, into the trash with them.

Lets zoom right in on the next one.

See the words "Slime Oozing?" I bought this one for my dad for his birthday, I thought it would be fun to shoot and get some oozing slime. See the holes? We shot it with a .22 rifle, a .22 pistole and a .32 Colt pistol. See the little tiny bit of pink on the front? Thats all the oozing we ever got after 20 shots each... So disappointed, no pride in this Daisy.

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