Monday, October 19, 2015

Wicks away!

Remember that Dietz wick lantern? I finally took a little time and put it back together.

I didn't paint everything on it, I figured the heat would be hard on the paint.

In retrospect I probably should have painted the ring under the fuel cap and the part under the burner but the lack of paint does add some visual interest.

One of the kinda nice things about wick lanterns is that something has to be really wrong before it won't light...

I also took a minute to put a new wick and mantle on my aluminum Aladdin

Aladdin mantles burn off differently than Coleman, where a Coleman mantle kind of smolders the Aladdin flashes off with a woof! Much more exciting than I expected. I'm pleased with this lamp it puts out more light than the other one I have which is no huge surprise as that one has a mantle that was on it when I got it. Aladdin mantle production was stopped for a couple years and only resumed in like 2012, AFAIK they're now made by the same people who make Peerless mantles.

On the whole the wickies are fun but I don't think you need to worry about me switching over to them, the light output is quite low and theres no noise so they don't excite me in the way that pressure lamps do...

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