Friday, October 7, 2016

Sweet home Chicago

Okay not really home but a fun place for a quick vacation.

Our train ride dropped us off at Union Station in Chi-town, one of the nicest train stations I've ever been in. We hopped a cab to the Intercontinental, don't think we're rich because we stayed there, I travel a lot for work and stay in Holiday Inn hotels. Since Intercontinental is a part of the Holiday Inn chain we get to stay there for free on points. Strangely I don't appear to have taken any pictures of the hotel. The Chicago Intercontinental is a really nice hotel with a really cool pool. If you get the chance to check it out its totally worth it. We've stayed in an Intercontinental before and as far as the room goes the Intercontinental Boston is nicer, the bathroom especially in Boston was stunning.

Anyway the first thing we did was get lunch, the train was 3 hours late remember so instead of arriving just after breakfast we had now missed lunch. Another thing I didn't get a picture of was the amazing Peri-Peri chicken we had for lunch. Angie had never had Peri-Peri before and loved it. Walking back to the hotel we saw a place advertising fried chicken and donuts, gotta check that out right?
We shared a chocolate frosted old-fashioned, it was excellent...

Originally we were going on a Segway tour at 11:30am but now it got bumped to 3pm so we walked through Millennium Park and found "The Bean".
I don't know what the sculpture's actual name is but it looks like a big metal bean. Its cool, you should go see it.

I was a little nervous of the Segway but it turned out to be really easy, lean forward to go forward, lean back to slow down or go backward. Push the handlebar in the direction you want to go, no problem. Our tour took us through Grant park all the way to the stadium the Bears play in. Totally worth it.

After the Segway tour we literally ran back to the hotel to get ready for our dinner cruise. I don't have any pics of the cruise but it was a very nice dinner with dancing and a little cruising around the bay by Navy Pier. Basically the ship cruised back and forth because there was some chop out in the lake and they didn't want people getting sick. I bet in the summer its very nice to sit on deck with a cocktail.

Saturday we were up early for a pizza making class at the original Pizzeria Uno:

The thing I'd never realized about Uno's pizza is that the cheese is on the bottom... Angie bought a couple pizza pans so we can make our own pizza at home. After class it was back to the hotel for a nap, this was a low-sleep trip.

That afternoon we checked out Navy Pier and rode in the Ferris wheel there.
The white ship to the left of the frame is the Odessey 2 which we'd ridden the night before.

Finally we had dinner with friends at Chicago Cut which was spendy but delicious, worth saving up for.
Sunday we flew home, Medway to Albany and then a long drive home. Monday I was up early to fly to LA, what a week it has been...

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