Thursday, May 8, 2008

Something different

Heres something else I've been working on. Its a 1965 Snapper Comet 30. As near as I can tell it has a '67 8hp Briggs. The story goes that my great Uncle Paris bought this after it had been used on the Fort Fairfield, Maine golf course for a couple years. Apparently the golf course was hard on it and it had to be re-powered hence the '67 motor. It got used on the farm until about 1990 or so when Reg bought a front engine White mower that we've still got. Of the two the Snapper looks better...

The Snapper then sat under a tree until last fall (2007) when I hauled it to my house.
Anyway its now in my garage, the motor is off but I'm having a terrible time trying to get the pully off it. I've tried drilling but the screws must be made out of magic because no drill I try will cut them. I'd like to repower this with a brand new motor at which point (well, with new tires) it should be pretty much good to go. The next step would be a cosmetic upgrade but it'd be cool to cut the grass with this old mower...

If you've got a pulley for an old Snapper I'd love to hear from you.

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