Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Already I'm not good about updating this thing, what a drag.
Heres part of the reason why:Thats Hammie, my 1983 Mercedes-Benz 240D. I'd bought him in '03 and then sold him to Devin in '06. Now I've bought him back from Devin again. The economics of the whole thing are astounding. I'll post them if/when I get the car on the road.
You can read the chronicle of the 240D here: http://home.gwi.net/~craymond/mercedes/mercedes.html

Other than that we spent a week at camp which was great. While we were there we pulled my Dad's swamp buggy to the new garage. That was quite an event. I rode from where the buggy was parked to the garage with the Super M tractor in second gear, thats about 2mph... It took forever but any seat time on the tractor is good time. I'll post pics of that later on.


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