Monday, August 11, 2008


Does anybody reading this freecycle? I've given away a couple things and gotten a couple loads of wood from it. The thing that gets me is the people who appear to be asking for stuff they really should go out and buy. I guess if you view it as recycling thats one thing but sometimes it seems like people are just too cheap to get stuff or are so stuck on having stuff they're using this to get stuff they don't really need or deserve.

For instance: "I would like a AC that would cover a 4 room apartment, or at least the 2 rooms." Thats pretty specific. I think if I didn't have any money and I wanted an airconditioner for FREE I'd just ask for what I could get. What if its too small for 2 rooms are you gonna be a turkey and not take it? Hell there was a time I'd have taken ANY airconditioner and called it the greatest thing ever! I also note the lack of thanks in the message like freecycle is where you go and place your order and stuff appears. Once I requested wood fencing to make a sign from and I was super polite and thankful these other folks amaze me.

Heres a good one: "looking for a canoe, doesn't have to be perfect just has to float! thanks in advance"

And one I replied to " Pie pans, clean jars with lids,containers,old cd's,milk covers &
bands,bottle caps, cork, etc. Anything crafty and recyclable!" which is for a business that has kids make little craft projects. I responded with an offer of stuff and even a suggestion on how to use it and they can't even bother to reply... I was a little perturbed about a business posting a request on freecycle and then they can't even reply when somebody offers, thats lousy. If you think my stuff isn't good enough just say so.

Ahh to have your craft stuff turned down, bottom of the barrel.


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