Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Selling Christmas presents?

Didja ever get something for Christmas that you just didn't want? What about your birthday? My grandmother was great for giving me clothes that didn't fit or were not even remotely something I would wear. The great thing was that she bought EVERYTHING from JC Penny so I could return it and get something I liked. Then I could wear it and tell her how much I loved it. She'd never remember that she hadn't bought it for me and everybody was happy.
This year for my birthday my Mom got me a Nintendo game I already had. Its cool though, its a great game. I sold the one I already had and kept the one Mom got me. I figure that one is totally inbounds, I kept the one my mom got me, I know I did, it was still in the plastic wrap. For Christmas my inlaws got me a game I don't like. Ninja-breadman. Its not a bad game, I played it a couple times, its kinda fun but its just not something I'm into. Its been on the shelf now unplayed for months.
At work we've got a forsale and wanted board. Its where I sold the game my Mom bought me a dupe of. I've listed Ninja-breadman there but I feel kinda funny about it. I'm selling a Christmas present. When I was a kid selling or trading Christmas presents was strictly verboten... What am I supposed to do, keep it forever?


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