Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I'll admit it, today I'm obsessed with xkcd.
Yeah, weird little comic, simplistic drawing, heavy on the in-jokes and pop culture refs.

People wonder how I seem to be up on pop culture, its because I read things like xkcd and when I don't understand a reference instead of filing it away in the "things I don't understand" file I Google it. Today I've been Googling a lot.
Rickrolled - Okay I had a pretty good idea on this one but still
River Tam - Character from Firefly which I've never seen
xkcd - huh, it doesn't mean anything...
Cory Doctorow - still not sure I get this one.

I even spent some time playing with Google maps trying to get it to do odd things, interestingly it won't map from Inch Marlow, Barbados to my house...

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