Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Still pluggin

The paint on the 200A is getting there. I wet sanded yesterday with 2000 grit and once again sanded the paint off around the rim at the base. Not everywhere just a little strip. The rest of the fount cleaned up nicely so a couple more heavy coats paying particular attention to the rim should have it. This is the hardest part of the job, I want it to come out good but I'm excited to have it done... I've decided to go all out and get it as good as possible without removing the dents. I'll wet sand to remove orange peel, then I'll clearcoat and then use polishing compound to get the best shine possible. In a month or two I'll wax it so the shine stays.

The Kerosafe has been lit, I need to get some pictures of it burning. Its quite a process getting it going, put 20 or so pumps into the fount, then hit the generator with the propane torch until its good and hot, then crack the valve and it lights. Thats if everything is working correctly, if its not working right you get big flames... The first two times I had it lit I had mostly flames, then Angie went out with me to see it go and I got it lit with very little fuss. I've only had it lit with the shade once and that time I had major big flames which indicates I had way too much fuel and the generator wasn't hot enough... I hope to use this lamp inside this winter so I need to keep playing with it.

Finally I got Angie's grandfather's Coleman 413E stove working correctly. That one had a dirty tank when I got it, I sealed the tank and in so doing managed to seal the tube that brings air from the pump into the tank. I finally got a new tank from a fellow on the Coleman forum at OldTown Yucca. With the new tank I realized that the generator was all dirty but when I tried to clean it I managed to break part of it in the valve. Fortunately I had another valve so I ordered a replacement generator and with that installed and the manifold and burners cleaned the stove lights easily (maybe easier than my 425E) and burns well. Yesterday I made a dutch oven BBQ which had the stove burning for nearly 3 hours straight so I'm ready to call that one a victory. It could use some more cleaning but functionally its all set.

I need more pictures... I should work on that tonight.

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