Saturday, July 24, 2010


Angie and I stopped at a yard sale today. We'd gone about all the way through when there was a thump a screech and a cry. I turned in time to see a motorcycle flop over discharging its rider before it slid from view.

Before I knew what was going on my cellphone was in my hand calling 911. What I didn't realize is that when you call 911 from a cell phone you get the State Police. What ensued was a probably not terribly coherent explanation of the accident from me and a fairly poor response from the dispatcher. We finally arrived at where I was and which ambulance service should be dispatched and the ambulance arrived fairly quickly.

I'm not really sure what happened in the accident other than a Jeep seemed to be involved. My theory now is that the driver of the Jeep was turning into the yard sale but didn't see the motorcycle and either tapped him or forced him to take an evasive maneuver which he was not prepared for and thus the fall.

The guy laid face down on the pavement not moving for what seemed like a long time. People rushed over while I was on the phone and when I was done there was quite a crowd. I directed traffic on one side of the road for a little while and could hear folks telling the motorcyclist not to move at which point he started moaning. In retrospect the fact that his moans didn't scare me makes me think they were healthy "I'm still alive and wish to continue so" moans. I've heard the other kind before and don't really ever want to hear them again, although that person lived too.

Anyway, the ambulance arrived, closed off the road, got the dude onto a backboard at which point he was moving his head (danger, danger, danger!) . Other than the fact that his shoes were shredded to the point his toes had road rash I don't think he came out of it too badly. Still pretty scary and now that the adrenaline hit has worn off I'm really really tired.

Be careful out there.

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