Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fun Ford

I'm in so-Cal this week and have a Ford Fiesta as a rental. Bright red, auto trans (of course) sedan. Its got around 20,000 miles so it must be reaching about the end of its rental life. I've got to say Ford seems to have the small car figured out. I find this car comfortable and pleasant in every way possible. The only complaint I have is that the satellite radio isn't activated, again as its near the end of its rental career thats a given. It talked to my iPhone nicely so its no big whoop. LOADS of torque steer when you really get into it would irritate some folks I'm sure but its a little car, I expected it. One interesting thing I'd noticed before in Fords but hadn't fully sussed out until today is that the throttle backs off just before each shift which for me makes the shifts feel really weird. Its less weird now that I've realized whats going on and presumably the presence will make the transmission last longer. Anyway I've been thinking that when my 190D comes to replacement time (probably in 3 or so years) I'd consider a small, high gas mileage, new car and the Fiesta is probably the top of my list. Mostly because we have a Ford dealer right down the street. Now I want to try one with a manual trans...

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