Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fiesta transmission

I just realized my Fiesta post was screwed up, frickin Blogger messing with my text... Anyway I also realized I'd posted about the transmission and what I didn't know at that time is that the automatic transmission in the Fiesta is actually a SEMI-automatic, they call it the "Ford Powershift" in reality its a dual clutch transmission not unlike the VW DSG trans. So the backing off of the throttle I noticed was because the car is putting in the clutch, and shifting while not under power. Just like you'd do when driving a manual transmission. Now that I know what it was doing it makes perfect sense and doesn't feel weird at all but until somebody pointed out what was going on it was very disconcerting...

Anyway one last note about the car, on the way back to the airport I looked down and realized I was going much faster than the speed limit. The car didn't betray the speed at all, it wasn't buzzy or crying or shaking or anything, pretty impressive.

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