Friday, December 13, 2013

Yahoo mail blows it again

Do any of you use Yahoo mail? I have for years, lately it seems like Yahoo goes out of their way to piss off the users. Just last night they instituted another change so now each email is previewed in the subject line. This makes the subject like all cluttered and ugly.

Yahoo started pissing me off last summer when they canceled classic mail and required the new interface which I hate. Its much slower and crashes. All I need my email to do is show me my messages and let me reply. I don't need a happy ending that crashes half the time anyway.
A lot of my friends say "go to Gmail!" as if it were the greatest thing since sliced bread but honestly I don't like gmail at all and I hate the way Google automatically sorts my mail for me.

Its weird right? I've got very simple needs in my email:
Show me the messages in a list (NO conversations, I hate those)
Allow me to reply
Let me sort mail into folders
Let me search those folders.

Yahoo really falls down on that last one, today I wanted to search by keyword "verizon" because I couldn't remember the username for my Verizon account. The problem is that Yahoo kept providing every message I'd ever gotten from anybody with a Verizon email account. They also provided every REPLY I'd ever given to anybody with a Verizon account and every email from my trash. What a dumb system, it should show me my replies and my trash last if at all...

I could of course use an email reader like Thunderbird but I like having webmail because I use many computers through the course of the day. In the end I may end up writing my own email service. The old saw comes true, "If you want something done right you need to do it yourself"

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