Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Any time we manage to stay up after midnight Angie and I like to remind each other "We're not old!"

New Years Eve is one of those nights where you figure you ought to be out doing something but too often we find ourselves home in bed by 10pm. This year I wanted something different so I booked us into the Holiday Inn in Concord, NH for dinner, a show and dancing plus a night at the hotel. That last part is important, drunk driving isn't worth it so I wanted us to be able to stay the night and have all the fun we wanted and just crash into bed when we were done.

The dinner was fantastic, a roast beef as big as I've ever seen, chicken, fish, dessert, etc all very good. Then a little dancing, then 2 comics, both pretty good, the second funnier than the first. Then more dancing, then around 10pm we took at nap which had us up and moving for the 12pm champagne toast.

All in we spent around $350 including drinks, breakfast the next morning and gas to get up there. Of course that doesn't include Angie's new dress or my new bow tie but those things will be around for a good long time. We had a great time and I'll be looking for something similar again next year.

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