Thursday, January 9, 2014

Something different in a video

I haven't been as prolific in my video making as I've wanted and thats a drag. The real problem is how long it takes to produce a video. My general rule of thumb is 1 hour for every finished minute. That includes time setting up lights and getting stuff ready, then being in front of the camera, then cleanup, and finally editing. So a 15 minute video like my 200A rebuild basically takes a full, long day to make.

Add to that I'm interested in all kinds of stuff. When I made my first lantern video I should have called the Youtube channel "LanternGuy" or "LanternLab" but like most folks I really didn't think that far ahead. So now I've got seventy-something lantern and cooking videos and I hate to drop something different in there.

So I've created a new channel "Curtludwig-Two" which will be a place for me to put quickie little videos that aren't as well produced as my other stuff. Just short things that I'm thinking about and doing.

My first video shows off the Jetta starting up at -4F. It seems like theres been a run of bad diesel fuel around the US and Canada this year and with it so cold people are having all kinds of cold start issues. One of my favorite things about the Jetta is how easily it starts, even when its really cold.

Anyway, enjoy and hopefully this new channel will help me to get some more videos out.

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