Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pretty cool

I spent last week in Silver Spring, Maryland and while wandering around I spotted this:

Silver Spring is just outside Washington DC and shares in the district's "Capital Bike Share" but this was actually around the corner from the nearest bike share station. In fact it wasn't until I walked past it the next day in the opposite direction that I noticed:

Its hard to get a good look from the picture but look at the bottom of the pedestal and notice the tire pump. Hanging in the pedestal are a bunch of screw drivers and wrenches, just the sort of stuff you might use to fix your bike which can be conveniently hung from the top of the pedestal. Its a self service bicycle REPAIR station. Clearly this is an area serious about having bicycle riders. I wish I'd gotten a picture of the lady getting her bike out of a bike storage container.

Sadly the weather was terrible so I had no chance to pedal around. If you have the chance Silver Spring is really an area on the up and up. I'd been there four years ago and it was interesting to see how much nicer it is now.

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