Friday, December 19, 2014

Something I'd forgotten

Looking back through my pictures I found this:

Thats the evaporator in our fridge, sure it looks like its been through a snowstorm and thats actually a problem. Self defrosting refrigerators aren't supposed to get like this, ours in fact should self defrost every day...

Ours freezes up fairly often and I've gotten pretty good at defrosting it, I use a turkey baster with warm water and then follow up with a heater:

The heater gets out residual moisture to hopefully help it not freeze up again as soon. Well sadly last summer it was freezing up every couple weeks. Fortunately the system is actually really simple. Theres a timer which tells a heating coil to warm up and a thermostat which tells the heater to turn off when the ice is all gone. In our case the timer had gone stupid. Its got a spot where you can insert a screw driver and advance it and I was lucky to find that after advancing it through a couple cycles it straightened up to fly right. Oh what a sweet sound it is when the freezer defrosts and I know I don't need to buy a new fridge...

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