Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Back on track

Calling myself out yesterday seems to have done a world of good for me. I spent a bunch of time today thinking about writing. Maybe if I call myself out for being a lazy bastard that will help too. Honestly I've become very lazy, this morning it was a big deal to drag my butt out of bed. I've been blaming that on lack of sleep and blaming lack of sleep on the cruise and trip to Vegas but since I've been home I've been binge sleeping, for instance last night I got a solid 11 hours which means over the last 5 nights I've averaged 8 hours. They say you can't make up sleep debt that way but I feel like I've done a good job catching up. Unfortunately sleeping late is hell for getting back on the east coast schedule.

My other problem is really an addiction to YouTube. Even if I'm not watching anything that good sometimes I'll suddenly realize I've lost several hours watching videos. I need to break that habit, I've got a ton of projects that each need "just a little more time" that I haven't been giving them. For instance I started the winter strong working on snowmobiles but then that petered out and neither the Wankel Panther nor the Pantera have had anything done to them in months.

I did manage to make some movement on one project yesterday. Back at Thanksgiving Angie's uncle John gave me his Coleman 200A single mantle lantern. He'd had it since the '60s but it fell into disrepair with a bad pump leather and he hasn't used it in years. I found a replacement pump and got it all cleaned up and nice but due to the cold I'd never tested it. This weekend is John's birthday so I really want to have it ready for him so last night I got it out, fueled it and got it lit. It flared a lot more than I like but did finally settle down into a pretty good burn although it flickers. The question is why the flicker, is it because of the FA tube or the generator? It also stinks pretty bad, I don't remember putting muffler mender which means I probably didn't. So I need to pull it back apart, try a new generator (or better yet a known good generator) and goop up the U tube joint so it doesn't leak. I don't think John plans on using this much, his idea of roughing it is when room service closes at midnight, but I like knowing it COULD work if it was needed.

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