Sunday, June 14, 2015

Still in the Philippines

Yup, still here. You didn't think I was going to travel 26 hours to just turn around and go back? I'm here for 10 days. Every day is a mini-adventure as I gain courage to try different things.

Yesterday I intended to head down to the mall again and maybe find some presents for folks back home. I had breakfast at 7am to try and get my eating schedule more on schedule. That turned out to be a mistake on Sunday the malls don't open until 10am. I also found that my feet still aren't up to snuff. I wore my boots with socks but it wasn't long before my feet were sore again. I also didn't take long for me to be overheated. First thing in the morning temps might be as low as 80 but they quickly get over 90 when the sun comes up. The humidity sits somewhere around 75-80% which makes me just miserable double quick.

So after a little wandering I needed to take a break. The first place I found was Starbucks and inside it was just like every other Starbucks I'd ever been to. I wish I'd gotten a picture of the bananas though. Every Starbucks has bananas for sale but this one had each one individually packaged in a paper bag with a plastic window. The other fun thing I found was my ice coffee:

Yup, paper cup. I'd actually noticed this Saturday at the public market and I'd chalked it up to being from the public market but since then I've noticed that all iced coffees come in paper cups. Not sure what thats all about...

This is the day my appetite caught up with me, I'd had scrambled eggs, toast and bacon for breakfast but by 10 or 11am I was getting pretty hungry. Not wanting to eat somewhere I could eat at back home I headed over to Jollibee. Jollibee is kind of weird, a bit like KFC mixed with a low end hamburger place. I don't know if its just this Jollibee or all of them but the restaurant was kind of worn out, there was a video monitor not playing anything, the signs were all dirty, it was slow and they were out of a whole bunch of stuff. I snagged a 6 piece chicken bucket intending that it could cover me for 2 meals. I end up pretty hungry around midnight when I'm first getting up but I hate going out at night.

The chicken was nice, especially during the first meal since it was real hot and juicy. The really fun part was what it came with:

Thats gravy! Pour some of that into your chicken and its the tastiest thing ever.

I also tried some of my passion fruit/tamarind juice from the market. That I think turned out to be a bad idea. I don't want to be gross but lets call it the Filipino revenge. Fortunately I've got my essential oils with me and I've got an oil specifically to save me from this sort of thing.

Okay now as I sit here and write this I'm starting to get "the revenge" again but I haven't had the juice or any problems in around 12 hours. I'm wondering now if its the chicken thats messing with my digestion. The juice might actually be okay, good thing I didn't throw it out yet.

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