Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Back again

Welcome back, sorry for the delay but for the rest of the Filipino adventure I was mostly working or sleeping. My schedule was 10pm to 7am which is sort of normal working hours here in the US but the inverted nature of it versus local time raised holy hell with my body. Also I managed to get sick, but more on that later.

Lets start with this:

Its not surprise I like snacks and I like foreign snacks even more, double plus if I can't guess what its going to be be like when I buy it.

Voice Overload was one of those snacks. Think of a chocolate saltine with a thin chocolate coating. Weird but good. I didn't get a picture of the other one I bought at the same time, it was literally like two saltines with a thin layer of fudge between them. I've made similar things with crackers and Nutella.

Also as promised heres a banana. Starbucks sells these, individually wrapped for P20 which is about $0.50 US.

As I mentioned I got sick, I had kind of an ongoing fight with housekeeping about getting my room made up real early so I could go to sleep but never really got them onboard. Finally I just asked them to cancel housekeeping, otherwise I'd leave the "do not disturb" card up all day and they'd call at 4pm to see if I needed anything. This would wake me up and make me irritable...
Anyway one day I decided I'd let them clean the room so I stayed up. The guy finally came around about noon (midnight for me) and got to work so I went out for a walk. I stopped at "The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf" and had a cup of disgustingly sweet tea. Apparently disgustingly sweet tea is a Filipino thing. I was told "Its what makes Filipinos so sweet" HA!
So between the the sweet tea at "The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf" and another disgustingly sweet tea from "Subway" I managed to ingest some of the local bacteria which had a real fun time in my gut and resulted in my having to clamp myself to the toilet. Fortunately the office could provide Imodium enough to get through the day at work but it was several days after my return before my digestion was back to normal. Angie gave me some probiotic pills and I ate a bunch of yogurt both of which helped or at least made me feel better.

Sadly this being sick meant I was in no mood to eat much and for the last couple days I existed on Ramen and oatmeal. The oatmeal I got at Starbucks and is much like the oatmeal you'd get at Starbucks in the US other than the fact that they'll put steamed milk in it for you. I like the steamed milk although they usually put too much unless I specifically asked for less, then they just think I'm crazy.

Anyway, I like to keep these posts short so I'll pick up some more later...

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