Friday, June 30, 2017

Photobucket commits suicide

I guess you want to get used to seeing that image for awhile. Photobucket has decided that since what most people use their service for is 3rd party linking they should charge for it. I don't think this is, in and of itself a bad thing, but they've also decided that if you want 3rd party linking you'll need to use their highest tier storage which is $400 a year. This from the slowest photo host on the web, the one that slams every page with ads and opens new pages in the background.

About a year ago I considered going ad-free with Photobucket, they do have one of the easiest interfaces around and I figured they should be rewarded especially if it meant their notoriously slow service would be sped up. So I asked if the interface would be faster if I paid. Cue the crickets. Photobucket wouldn't even suggest that the interface would load faster ad-free so I left it alone. Now my hand is forced.

A number of my friends have started showing the above image and I *think* whats happening is that when you login to upload you "agree to the new terms of service" and lose your 3rd party links. As an end run around that I'm not going to login thus attempting to preserve the thousands of links I have all around the internet.

So I'm back to looking for another photo host. For the blog the answer is fairly simple, I'll move back to Google Photos. For forum hosting Google Photos is no good since traditionally you couldn't get a clear link to an image. Strangely a test today provided me with a clear image though I don't know if thats just because I took it through the blog.

On another front Flickr appears to have lifted their cap on the number of images I can upload. I had hit that wall some years ago and given up on them but if thats gone I might go back. More info as I know it...

As an experiment the top image is Google Photos, this one is Flickr:

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