Thursday, June 26, 2008

Door locks!

So I decided to try cutting the door handles out of the door. Meaning I decided to try cutting the link from the key bit to the lock bit.

Yeah right. Its way up there and goes the wrong way, almost impossible to get at with a dremel, file or hacksaw. Totally impossible for the angle grinder.

So I sat and stared awhile and finally it occured to me to take out the latch mechanism. Thats what the rod attaches to. Once I had that loose I could push it toward the outside of the car, pull the door handle out and rotate the whole handle to free the rod.

Knock the pin out that holds the rod and the lock falls out of the handle. The lock is simplicity itself and is not working because the tumblers won't pull in around the key. I've got the lock assembly sitting in a yoghurt cup of SeaFoam Deep Creep. With luck by morning it'll be all free'd up and I can do the other side.

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