Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a week!

Monday morning my Angie woke up to bad stomach cramps. I called the ambulance around 3am.

Today the dog had to go for shots, he had a bad reaction to one of them and started vomiting. We spent most of this afternoon at the vet's watching Buster (the dog) barf...
Fortunately today was a "work at home" day for me which turned into an "accomplish nothing at home" day.

On the plus side the dog now appears to be fine. He had to get a shot of benedryl a steroid which he HATED and made him twitchy for an hour and then he slept like the dead (I checked his pulse and breathing several times to prove he hadn't expired) for several hours. Now he's back chewing on his nylon bone and pissed because we won't feed him... The doc said he's only to have a little bland diet (chicken and white rice) tonight so we'll get to that in a little bit.

On the minus side I haven't really slept since Saturday. My wife while she's feeling better is still not 100% so she's not sleeping well. She's not sleeping well so I'm not sleeping well which mades for an unpleasant me and just not a fun time. I'm planning on an 8pm bedtime tonight.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to take the new chainsaw and cut some wood...

And here its only Wednesday!


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