Saturday, August 8, 2009

The 202 lives!

Got the 202 lit today. Took some fiddling... I'd ordered a new generator which arrived Thursday but I didn't have any time to mess with it until today. So I threw it all back together, these are pretty simple lanterns I can reassemble one in 5 minutes or less. It fired up with a surprising minimum of fuss but there was a definite halo of fire around the mantle. This is apparently a sure sign of over fueling though the gas tip was marked "6" the same as the old generator.

So I pulled the new generator out and put the old one in. This one was a pain to use because I had to keep cycling the tip cleaner to get it to work but when it did work everything was fine, no halo... So I tried the new generator again, still the halo. Finally I took the old tip and the new generator and together they make a pretty good team... I've got video of this one firing up but its pretty exciting. For some reason it didn't light on the first match which led to gas buildup which all lit at once, flame action! I'll post some video links (I've done videos of the AGM and Kerosafe also) here soon.

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