Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Kerosafe fun

Tonight I experiemented with a mix of Coleman fuel and kerosene. I've noticed a little smell when using Coleman fuel.
So my goals:
1. Light with just a windproof ligher for preheat
2. Low smell
3. Brightest light possible

Started with 50/50 Coleman fuel/Kerosene. No-go, it won't light with just the lighter, I can't get enough heat into the generator. If I use the propane torch its the old game where I can't keep enough heat in the generator.

Went to 75/25 Coleman fuel/Kerosene and I think I hit a sweet spot, easy to light (as easy as with just Coleman fuel) no smell to speak of and brighter than Coleman fuel or Kerosene alone.
I may try a 66/33 split somewhere down the road but for now (until I burn off most of a quart) I'm quite pleased with this new mix... I ordered a cable for my digital camera, its supposed to be in by next week (stupid special Samsung cable) so I can post the good pics.

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