Thursday, August 6, 2009

I can't believe

I can't believe I didn't post here when I figured out the problem with the AGM... That was like a week or two ago too.
Anyway heres the deal, the AGM 2572 would light if it had been sitting for awhile, it'd burn for 20-30 seconds and go out like it had run out of gas... I cleaned the fount, cleaned the fuel/air tube, cleaned the valve, installed a new eccentric block so I could use a new Coleman 220 generator, cleaned and painted the air tube and burners, nothing...

Then one day I tried opening the valve MORE after the problem started, fuel came pouring out... So whats happening is that with the needle only a couple turns open the fuel/air tube is still closed and we're burning on fumes from the top of the tank. Its not that the lantern needs to sit its that the pressure runs out too quickly... With the valve open more like 3 full turns the fuel/air tube is opened and fuel can get to the burners.

This lantern is now the absolute brightest in my collection.

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