Wednesday, November 4, 2009

200A complete!

Remember this sad little lantern?
Heres a closer look:

In case you'd forgotten I found it on the wall in my grandmother's garage. Dad says my grandfather bought it, my AGM 2572 and two stoves (my 425E and Prepo) from a friend of his and that none of the stuff was used much after he bought it.
Last summer I went up for a visit and grabbed the lanterns and then went crazy and ground all the paint off this one. Then spent HOURS sanding and painting, sanding and painting etc. Finally got it all painted up and assembled and it wouldn't burn right... Spent HOURS figuring that out, bought a parts lantern even and finally got it burning correctly so tonight I put the Coleman sticker on.

So its done and hangs in a place of honor... Well actually it doesn't. Right now its sitting on the workbench, you see I've got this 249 that has a bail from a 200A and I'm trading a guy for a proper shaped bail and I wanted to send him the nicest one I have which was currently installed on this lantern... I'll clean up the one thats currently on the 200A to put on here...

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