Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Coleman Challenge goes on the road!

During week 6 I was off to California for work and would have no time for the challenge. Fortunately my friend Chris has Coleman gear and lives reasonably near to where I would be so I was able to go to his house.
Since I'd been the first entry the week before I got to pick this week's challenge. I chose green beans thinking that they're a great side dish and everybody loves green beans. That turned out to be a poor choice as most people didn't think that green beans were a "fun" challenge. For me it was a whole different story, I tried out several recipes the week before in deciding what to make. Since I was on the road I decided to go simple and made Sautéed Ginger Green Beans:

They didn't come out quite the way I'd wanted. I think in retrospect mostly because I was nervous to really crank up the heat while using teflon coated pans. I think I need to give this one another try on my own stove with my own pans...

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