Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A little politics

I don't normally post about politics on this board but today I got kind of an odd message from Scott Brown, he's the Republican Senator that represents this state. In it, among other things he says the following:"One of my top priorities is to ensure that all American citizens are protected from terrorist attacks, and that our nation remains strong and secure. I firmly believe that a terrorist captured here in the United States or overseas should not have the same privileges as those afforded to a common criminal. Additionally, I believe Miranda rights should remain reserved only for U.S. citizens in the civilian criminal justice system."
So he's basically saying, if you're in this country and not a citizen then our rights against self incrimination. This violates BOTH the fifth and sixth amendments of the US constitution. The fifth amendment is about self incrimination, Miranda rights say the cops can't make you incriminate yourself, "Anything you say in can and will be used against your in a court of law". The sixth amendment provides for your right to counsel, that is your right to have a lawyer "You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for you". So these are RIGHTS that every CITIZEN has. Why, you might as, do we care about non-citizens? When you travel abroad to first world countries (the UK, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc) you expect to be treated in their legal system more or less like you would be here. By saying that we will not respect Miranda rights for non-citizens we risk the ire of other countries. Do you really want to risk your life outside of the US just because we think giving up rights will make us "safer"? This is another case where the "protectionists" want to save us from the big bad world by asking us to "just give up a little bit" and we'll be "safer". Make up your own mind but I'm not buying it.
Interestingly if you Google the quote above its basic idea shows up in articles that bash both Republicans and Democrats. You can find anti-Obama right alongside anti-Bush. Thats pretty weird huh?

Edit: Whats pretty weird is how Blogger decided I wanted white blocks over all the text in this post. I swear Google tries to censor me periodically. It didn't show up in any preview until I published the post. To fix it I had to edit the HTML and remove a bunch of span tags. They were everywhere, even mid word...

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