Sunday, January 25, 2015

The ups and the downs

Some times you're the Louisville Slugger, some times you're the ball.
The clutch for my '71 Arctic Cat Panther 303W came in so yesterday I figured I'd get that installed along with the second crank seal. Started working on the crank seal and realized that when I'd first tried to install it not only had I rolled the seal but I'd torn it. Oops, time to order a new seal.
Then I figured I'd pull the magneto off the '78 Pantera engine. I bought a harmonic balancer puller for the Panther but the Pantera engine uses much smaller bolts. I bought the correct size bolts but just managed to ruin the bolts. Turns out theres another type of puller just for that kind of flywheel, well at least I already had to place an order...

Finally I needed to make a new pin for the Cub Cadet plow pivot lock. This allows me to keep the plow in any of 3 positions. The original bolt had broken so I'd been using a spike which finally broke. I bought another bolt and to facilitate getting the bolt back out I decided to weld two washers onto the top of it to make a handle.

You can see where I ground the threads off the end of the bolt. Thats a 9/16x6" bolt, it turns out the bottom hole is probably 1/2" while the top is rounded out to 9/16". I should probably take the plow off, weld up the top hole a little and bore it to 1/2" or just bore the bottom one out to 9/16". Either way some summer I need to replace the sheet steel of the plow body, I'll do both jobs at the same time.

Here's the bolt in place:

I should have turned it some more to make it easier to see. I should also get a washer to go under the head which would make it sit a little higher and allow it to rotate a little more to relieve a little stress. Of course if I do that I'll weld it to the head so it doesn't fall off when I pull the bolt out.

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