Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Years resolutions

So another year, 2015. I remember as a child when "the year two thousand" sounded so far away and mysterious. Now we're at the year they go to in "Back to the Future 2".

As usual I've got a couple ideas for new years resolutions but this year I'm going to do something a little different and post them here so hopefully I'll be shamed into at least accomplishing a couple. Thus, here in no particular order:

1. Write something every day: This one shouldn't be that hard but when I look at the update gaps on the blog... This doesn't mean you'll see a new post here every day, it means I'll work on one of my various projects each day, a post here, a post on the snowmobile blog or maybe a script, short story or whatever. The point is to do some real actual work writing, not just emails and forum posts.

2. A video every month: I failed to make any videos in 2014 yet I still made $150 from Youtube and increased my number of subscribers. My Curtludwig-too channel still only has one video even though it should be much easier to make videos for there since its a "vlog" type instead of the more polished (well polished for Youtube anyway) videos of my main channel.

3. Under 200#: This has been a goal for years now, in fact I wrote about it back in 2008 when I was 218#. I was 209# yesterday which seems good compared to 2008 but bad since I went through all summer around 204. Of course my 20th high school reunion was last year and I did spend some effort getting into shape for that and the holidays are hard on weight loss. Still all that is just excuses. 10# shouldn't be hard in a year, less than a pound a month but of course it is hard...

4. A better garden: Last year's garden was dismal. Little planning, no innovation and not enough fertilizer. Well I think the problem was not enough fertilizer. The poison potting soil didn't help either. I've been looking at Youtube and found somebody doing potatoes in pots which makes me think I ought to try some container gardening this year. His results are quite impressive so I'm going to give it a shot.

So there you have it, if I can come through on those 4 it should help make for a good year...

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