Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Working on those resolutions

Remember my new years resolutions? If I'm honest I haven't been great about them. I'm probably 5 or 6 writings behind and considering I was allowing myself to make up missed opportunities thats terrible. On the other hand I lost a bunch of weight last week, just about a quarter pound a day which is pretty dang good. One difference I made was drinking a lot of water, another was snacking a lot less. Thats easy when I'm in the office and not so easy from home which is where I'm at this week.

Anyhow you might have heard that "Snowmageddon" hit the north east yesterday. We were spared the worst of the storm, it passed mostly to the east of us, but I took the opportunity to make a video!

I'm having a hard time getting used to letting the quality of the video not be perfect. If you watch this and then go back and watch my Lantern Lab stuff you can see I'm putting a lot more time into Lantern Lab which is as it should be I guess. This is more in the vlog format where good enough is good enough. I like it though, it allows me to get thoughts out without a tremendous amount of effort.

There is a little snowmobile footage in that which is the first snowmobile stuff I've put on YouTube. I have made snowmobile videos in the past but they're all on my website in a super compressed format and I didn't keep any higher quality copies which is too bad, I'd like to put them up but I won't with what I've got...

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