Thursday, February 19, 2015

Its a conspiracy

I swear the world is conspiring to keep me from blogging, sat in my chair with all good intentions last night and somehow couldn't get Safari to let me in, Chrome would let me in but I use Safari on my laptop because I keep Chrome logged into a different account than the one I blog with. Tonight Safari will let me into Blogger but Chrome won't play nice with Photobucket so I can't show you pictures aaaand I can't remember what I was going to write about yesterday...

So lets talk about the Project for Awesome. Its no secret that I'm a bit of a YouTube addict and one of my favorite channels is the vlogbrothers. If you haven't checked them out John and Hank Green have been vlogging at each other for around 6 years. In that time they've built a whole community of nerdfighters. One the yearly things they do is the Project For Awesome where they raise money for worthy charities. nerdfighters make videos about worthy charities and upload them to Youtube, the videos get watched and the brothers and friends do a 24 hour life feed during which donations pour in. nerdfighters also get to vote on how the money gets dispersed. Its a pretty big deal, this year they raised just over $1.2 million which is pretty amazing for an all volunteer online thing.

Angie and I were watching the live feed and all of a sudden I decided I ought to donate. So I looked through the list of gifts. Don't lie, when you donate you look through the list of gifts. One caught my eye, a "Pizzamas gift pack" every year John and Hank celebrate Pizzamas which is like Christmas but with pizza and of course I consider pizza the perfect food. So anyway I donated the money and the other day (its a charity, don't rush them) my gift pack arrived:

Theres a lot there so I'll help you, in the foreground at the bottom of the pic is a cool little notebook, then a box of pencils, a BUNCH of stickers, a frisbee and a mug. The mug is my favorite, I love that its black on the outside and red inside. Yeah its all the same picture, its that famous author John Green after all. I'm thrilled, I'd expected just one thing like the mug, never did I dream of the whole lot of it.

Okay, one other thing I wanted to show you, totally unrelated to the P for A, since the weather was bad for Valentines day we cooked dinner at home which worked out since I didn't book anything. For dinner we had steak and, get this, mini tater-tots.

Honestly they're not that much smaller than regular tots but they're like a magic size that cooks perfectly, the outside is just slightly crisp and the inside is still soft and perfect. If you haven't tried 'em you really should, I'm two thumbs up for those.

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