Monday, February 2, 2015

New Toy

I don't remember if I've talked about Tim before, he's my neighbor Bill's brother in-law and is a self-styled picker like the guys on TV. I met him a couple years ago at a party at Bill's place and brought him over to see the lanterns. He figured he could make some money trading in lanterns but quickly got hooked. Now he's got a collection bigger than mine. Occasionally he runs across something he's not into and I get the chance to grab it.

Most recently he put a post on Facebook of a bunch of stuff he'd bought which included an Aladdin lamp. I've got an Aladdin lamp and they're very cool so I told him that if he didn't want it I'd bite. So a couple days later (after a small monetary exchange) this shows up:

The fount is aluminum and theres no mantle but the glass is perfect. I broke out the Mothers Polish and managed to produce:

The aluminum polished up pretty nicely, theres one scratch I can't do much about and without a buffing wheel it'll never be great but right now its a fine five footer. I put some kerosene in it and it lit right up although I forgot to get pictures. The next step is to buy a mantle and it'll be ready to go.

I also picked up some lamp oil from my local hardware store, supposedly it'll burn cleaner and help prevent flare-ups. I'll give it a try over the next couple days.

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