Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What is beauty?

Like many people I struggle with the idea of beauty. I look at my wife and I recognize her as a beautiful woman, thats a good thing too, I'm married to her and intend to stay that way. For the most part Angie doesn't wear makeup and for the most part I don't care. On some special occasions she'll wear some lip gloss or eye makeup and I think thats great too, whatever she wants to make herself feel special.

Our society, and in this case I really mean our global society places a high premium on perfection for women and they are encouraged through a million images every day to strive for that perfect look. Over the years I've subscribed to several automotive publications where you'd expect the objectification of women and I'm always kind of disgusted to realize that the real objectification of women is in WOMEN'S magazines. Pick up "Women's Day" or "Redbook" or even "Prevention" and you'll see all the ads for makeup and support clothing suggesting how much better your life would be if you used this or that product.

Anyway whats gotten me on this maudlin topic is a video I caught today on BuzzFeedYellow. I'll admit I'm a bit of a BuzzFeed junky, the short vignettes are mostly easy to digest fluff so this one caught me off guard.

I'm pretty much disgusted that the United States artist created an image so far from reality but honestly I'm not that surprised...

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