Tuesday, July 14, 2015

4th of July fun

I wanted to have a big light up for Independence day, I don't do fireworks so this was my way of celebrating.

As I lit the Tilleys I had an idea, I'd recreate the Revolution in lanterns:

Beginning with the British Overlords

A small American contingent arrives, the Limeys are not amused.

An injured American soldier

The surgeon is German, his work is excellent!

American artillery arrives, the Brits begin to fear

An encircling maneuver begins

The charge of the Turd brigade

Faced with an overwhelming force the British retreat

In the end I had 26 lanterns lit making this the biggest light up I've ever had. This is something under half the lanterns I own although a large proportion of the lanterns I consider light-able. After lighting we cooked some popcorn on my Optimus Hiker stove and enjoyed some Mt Gay "Extra Old" rum we'd brought back from Barbados. That rum is smooth and drinks more like bourbon than rum which isn't terribly surprising considering its aged in bourbon barrels.

I should also point out that this was the number of lanterns I could light without adding fuel although I did refuel the Vapalux from the British contingent at one point. One of my goals in this project was to run some of these lanterns out of fuel which actually worked out pretty well, we had several dead soldiers by the end of the evening.

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